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Wi-Fi Pro

Terms & Conditions

1. General

1.1 These terms apply to Orcon’s Wi-Fi Pro service (“Wi-Fi Pro”). They apply in addition to the Orcon Broadband Terms & Conditions.

1.2 All amounts include GST.

2. Eligibility

2.1 Wi-Fi Pro is currently only available as an option for new Orcon customers who sign up to an eligible fibre broadband plan. Wi-Fi Pro needs to be selected during the sign up process.

2.2 Wi-Fi Pro is not available with Orcon’s 4G Backup service.

2.3 Wi-Fi Pro is not available on copper (ADSL or VDSL) or Hyperfibre plans.

3. How it works

3.1 When you sign up to a new fibre plan with Wi-Fi Pro, we will use property data from public and third-party sources to estimate the floor area of the main building at your address. If we cannot estimate the floor area from those sources, you may need to tell us your floor area.

3.2 Unless you tell us otherwise, we will assume that this is the area in which you will be using Wi-Fi (“Wi-Fi Area”).

3.3 Based on your Wi-Fi Area, we will initially send you either 1, 2 or 3 mesh-capable Wi-Fi units:

  • Up to 150m2 Wi-Fi Area = 1 router
  • 151m2 to 260m2 Wi-Fi Area = 1 router + 1 satellite unit
  • 261m2 to 480m2 Wi-Fi Area = 1 router + 2 satellite units

3.4 When you receive your Wi-Fi unit(s) you will need to plug them in and set them up according to the instructions provided.

  • The router will need to be plugged into the ONT (Optical Network Terminal, e.g. see
  • We recommend that any additional satellites are spread out across the Wi-Fi Area (e.g. if the router is in the office, you could put one satellite in the lounge, and one in the kitchen or bedroom).

3.5 If you are experiencing no, or only a weak, Wi-Fi signal on any connected device within the Wi-Fi Area, then contact our helpdesk by calling 0800 13 14 15 or visiting A weak Wi-Fi signal is a signal less than -70dB on the 2.4Ghz band and less than -67dB on the 5Ghz band.

3.6 Our helpdesk will work with you to troubleshoot your Wi-Fi settings, router and satellite placement and connectivity to help you achieve a strong Wi-Fi signal throughout your Wi-Fi Area. A strong Wi-Fi signal is a signal strength of at least -70dB on the 2.4Ghz band and at least - 67dB on the 5Ghz band, and does not mean you will always have full bars. We may need you to:

  • Describe the layout of your Wi-Fi Area and the construction of the relevant building to us (e.g. if you have solid concrete walls).
  • Move satellite units around your Wi-Fi Area.
  • Use specific devices to test your Wi-Fi signal strength.
  • Run through troubleshooting steps on an app when you are in your Wi-Fi Area.
  • Allow a technician to visit your property.
  • Follow other reasonable instructions to troubleshoot performance issues.

3.7 We may send you an additional satellite unit(s), at our cost, if we consider this will improve weak Wi-Fi coverage in your Wi-Fi Area.

3.8 If we are unable to help you achieve a strong Wi-Fi signal throughout your Wi-Fi Area within 30 days of your first contact with our helpdesk, we will (at your request) (“Wi-Fi Guarantee”):

  • cancel Wi-Fi Pro and refund your most recently paid monthly charges for your broadband plan and Wi-Fi Pro; and
  • waive any early termination fees associated with your broadband plan if you choose to terminate that plan within 2 months of your first contact with our helpdesk.

4. What it costs

4.1 The monthly cost for Wi-Fi Pro is determined by your Wi-Fi Area:

  • Up to 150m2 Wi-Fi Area = $0/month
  • 151m2 to 260m2 Wi-Fi Area = $10/month
  • 261m2 to 480m2 Wi-Fi Area = $20/month

4.2 A one-off $14.95 delivery fee applies (for up to 3 Wi-Fi units).

4.3 If you have told us your floor area for the purposes of determining your Wi-Fi Area, and the area you told us turns out to be materially inaccurate, we reserve the right to adjust your monthly charge accordingly.

5. Other important things to know

5.1 Wi-Fi Pro relates to Wi-Fi signal strength, not internet speed. Internet speeds depend on a variety of factors, including the plan you are on, the devices you are using, your location, building materials and other obstacles, and the number of users on your network.

5.2 The Wi-Fi Area is limited to the primary internal habitable spaces at your address and excludes any outbuildings or open areas.

5.3 The maximum Wi-Fi Area supported by Wi-Fi Pro is 480m2. If your Wi-Fi area is larger than 480m2 then please call us to discuss whether we can offer a customised Wi-Fi solution for you.

5.4 Support is limited to phone and online support. We will not generally send a technician to your property to troubleshoot Wi-Fi performance issues.

5.5 You agree to work with our helpdesk to troubleshoot your Wi-Fi signal.

5.6 Wi-Fi units require power to operate. We are not responsible for the placement of any power points within your Wi-Fi Area.

5.7 We retain ownership of all Wi-Fi units. If your broadband plan is terminated for any reason you must return all Wi-Fi units to us. If you cancel Wi-Fi Pro but keep your broadband plan active, you can continue using the router but must return any additional satellite units to us. We will provide a prepaid courier bag for the return of all Wi-Fi units. If you fail to return any Wi-Fi units we may charge you $100 per unit.

5.8 Nothing in these terms affects any of your rights or our obligations under the Consumer Guarantees Act 1993.