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Priority Support

Terms & Conditions

1. General

1.1 These terms apply to Orcon’s Priority Support service (“Priority Support”). They apply in addition to the Orcon Broadband Terms & Conditions.

1.2 All amounts include GST.

2. Eligibility

2.1 Priority Support is currently only available as an option for new Orcon customers who sign up to an eligible fibre broadband plan. Priority Support needs to be selected during the sign up process.

2.2 Priority Support is not available on copper (ADSL or VDSL) plans.

3. How it works

3.1 Orcon customers with Priority Support will receive priority treatment (as compared to our other customers who do not have Priority Support) when they contact our helpdesk or experience a fibre fault or outage. Priority treatment includes:

  • When you call or email our helpdesk from a phone number or email address registered on your account, you will automatically jump the standard queues (i.e. the queues for customers without Priority Support) into our priority queues. (“Priority Call-In Support”)
  • If we need to send an engineer to attend your property to restore your broadband service, we will prioritise your job above our other customers who don’t have Priority Support by escalating it with the appropriate local fibre company (“LFC”). This may include using the LFC’s paid prioritisation services (at our cost). (“Priority Call-Out Support”)

4. What it costs

4.1 Priority Support costs $15/month.

5. Other important things to know

5.1 General

  • You will only receive prioritisation in relation to your broadband service. You will not receive any prioritisation in relation to other services (e.g. power or mobile).
  • As Priority Support is linked to the phone numbers and email address registered on your account, you will need to make sure those contact details are up to date. This can be done at any time in My Orcon.
  • Priority Support only applies from the time that it is added to your account and does not apply retrospectively. For example, if you have already reported a fibre fault before adding Priority Support to your account you will continue to receive non-priority support in relation to that fault.
  • Nothing in these terms affects any of your rights or our obligations under the Consumer Guarantees Act 1993.

5.2 For Priority Call-In Support: We cannot guarantee that your call or email will be answered within a specified time period. While you will jump the standard queues for phone and email support, our other customers with Priority Support may also be in the priority queues so you may still experience some wait times.

5.3 For Priority Call-Out Support: We cannot guarantee that your fault or outage will be resolved, or that an engineer will attend your property, within a specified time period.

  • Engineers are employed or contracted by LFCs, not us.
  • Your LFC’s dispatch team will determine the exact level of priority they apply to your fault, and may prioritise other faults above yours (e.g. in situations where there is a serious risk to life). This is the case even where we have paid for their prioritisation services. We have no control over the level of priority the LFC applies to your fault.
  • We will only prioritise your fibre fault restoration above other customers who don’t have Priority Support if we determine that an LFC engineer is required to visit your property or point of connectivity (to restore service to your ONT).
  • Priority Call-Out Support does not cover generic assistance to maintain your private, physical network which, if required, you would need to source yourself.