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4G Backup

Terms & Conditions

1. General

1.1 These terms apply to Orcon’s 4G Backup service (“4G Backup”). They apply in addition to the Orcon Broadband Terms & Conditions.

1.2 All amounts include GST.

2. Eligibility

2.1 4G Backup is currently only available as an option for new Orcon customers who sign up to an eligible fibre broadband plan. 4G Backup needs to be selected during the sign up process.

2.2 4G Backup is not available with Orcon’s Wi-Fi Pro service.

2.3 4G Backup is not available on copper (ADSL or VDSL) plans.

3. How it works

3.1 If you sign up to our 4G Backup service, we will send you a router and provisioned SIM card (“Backup SIM”) that switches to 4G data in the event of a fibre outage.

3.2The switching process should be seamless, however there may be some disruption to your connection as the Backup SIM connects to the internet.

3.3 4G Backup requires power to operate.

3.4 We will apply 1GB of carry over 4G data to the Backup SIM every 30 days. You can also purchase additional data blocks on the Backup SIM at standard rates through Orcon Mobile Self Service. The maximum amount of data that can accumulate on the Backup SIM is 12GB.

3.5 We will send an automated text to the primary mobile number registered on your account to notify you that you are using backup 4G data. We do not actively monitor or automatically investigate when 4G Backup services are activated, so you will still need to log any fibre faults with us as normal.

4. What it costs

4.1 4G Backup costs $15/month.

4.2 A one-off $14.95 router delivery fee applies.

5. Other important things to know

5.1 4G coverage is not available everywhere. We provide mobile services via upstream providers (currently Spark New Zealand Limited) as a mobile virtual network operator. To check whether your property is covered by the Spark 4G network, see

5.2 Your Backup SIM is not eligible for the $5 monthly broadband discount.

5.3 Orcon retains ownership of all routers. If your broadband plan is terminated for any reason you must return the router to us. If you cancel 4G Backup but keep your broadband plan active, you must return the router to us and we will send you a replacement router (any accumulated data on the Backup SIM will be forfeited). We will provide a prepaid courier bag for the return of all Wi-Fi units. If you fail to return your router we may charge you $100.