*Orcon won’t slow your downloads unless there’s an unexpected temporary outage, such as a denial of service attack. A credit equal to the base broadband price will be applied. Offer for new customers on Unlimited only. When using Global mode please comply with each content provider’s terms and conditions.

No Throttling

Orcon won’t slow your downloads.

Other ISPs use throttling and traffic management to justify slowing your downloads. Orcon believes in making sure your internet goes as fast as possible.*

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One Month Free

Receive a one off credit on your first bill equal to the base price of your chosen monthly broadband plan, up to $125.

Other charges such as toll calls will still apply.

Global Mode

Open a new world of websites.

Global Mode removes restrictions that block Kiwis from accessing popular entertainment services such as BBC iPlayer and Netflix.**

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Free Your
Home Phone

Your Mobile + Genius Go = Orcon Landline Anywhere

The genius go app turns your smartphone into a home phone too. Take it anywhere you go.

More info * Orcon will only prioritise traffic temporarily to improve performance during an unexpected outage, such as a denial of service attack. #Applies to new customers only. Call us within the first 30 days. **Please make sure you comply with each content provider's terms and conditions.