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Orcon means business

Whether you work from your home, office or something in between, we have solutions to help make your business unstoppable.

We get business. Orcon has been supplying New Zealand businesses with unparalleled connection technology and award-winning support for over two decades.

The future of business broadband has landed

The future of business broadband has landed

Unlock speeds and capacity that will transform the way you do business. Whether you’re a team of one or an agile SME, Orcon’s superfast broadband packages offer customisable solutions that will save you time and money. Paired with our powerful Priority Support, let your business be unstoppable.

Explore our business-grade products

Create your plan in a few simple steps and let Orcon activate your digital future. What comes next is up to you.

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Orbi Wi-Fi 6 router for blazing fast Wi-Fi. Guaranteed by Orcon.

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Wi-Fi Pro

Orcon’s Wi-Fi Pro guarantees that no matter where you are in your house you'll have strong Wi-Fi. Made possible by the magic of Orbi Wi-Fi 6. Learn more

Priority Support

Priority Support

VIP support for work or home. Whether you need support from our help desk or a technician on-site, you'll automatically jump the queue.

Additional services

As well as getting your broadband services up to speed we also offer a range of additional services to help your business day run smoother


It’s good to talk with Orcon Voiceline

Add a local or international Voiceline for your home or office to any plan for just $10/mth and add a local international pack so you can stay connected.


The Power of Orcon

Bundle your home or business electricity with broadband on Orcon and get a 10% discount on both.


It’s good to talk with Orcon Mobile

Bundle Mobile into your new Orcon world. Enjoy competitive rates, superb coverage and a $5 discount on your monthly bill for each mobile plan added.

Frequently asked questions
Can I sign up at a residential address?

Yes, any residential or commercial addresses can sign up for any available service, perfect if you’re running a business from home.

Can I keep my business Voiceline number?

If you are in the same local calling area, then sure! Otherwise, we'll give you a new Voiceline number.

How long does it take to install?

Some fibre installs are simple and quick. Others, like multiple businesses in the same office building, can take longer. Order today and we’ll get cracking.

Will 4G Backup work at my address?

4G Backup works wherever 4G (or 3G if 4G is unavailable) coverage is available. Check out the coverage map [LINK]here[/LINK]

How much 4G Backup data is included?

4G Backup comes with 1GB of 4G backup data per month. This will roll over to the next month for up to 12 months so you can accumulate up to 12GB of backup data.