Orcon Mobile
It's mobile-y.

Bundle mobile with your internet plan and save!

Basic Plan
  • 1.5GB NZ carry over data
  • 200 mins NZ + Aus calling
  • Unlimited NZ + Aus texts
Value Plan
  • 2.5GB NZ carry over data
  • 300 mins NZ + Aus calling
  • Unlimited NZ + Aus texts
Unlimited Txt & Calling
  • 6GB NZ carry over data
  • Unlimited mins NZ + Aus calling
  • Unlimited NZ + Aus texts
Ultra Plan
  • 12GB NZ carry over data
  • Unlimited mins NZ + Aus calling
  • Unlimited NZ + Aus texts

Orcon mobile plans renew every 30 days

Save $5 every month for each mobile plan you add!

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Prepay Mobile with Post pay billing

With Orcon Mobile you have the benefits of a prepay mobile service, with the convenience of being billed on your monthly Orcon invoice.

Awesome online tools

With Orcon's mobile self-service website you can change plans, purchase add-ons and view your usage. To get started, simply register at mobile.orcon.net.nz.

Great range of add-ons

To make the most of Orcon Mobile you’ll need to purchase add-ons or top-up your mobile with add on’s for extra calls, data and roaming. Without purchasing add ons, you’ll be billed at our casual rates, you can see a full list of our mobile rates here.

Easy to set up SIM and number porting

The Orcon SIM is easy to set up. Just snap out the right size, dial 6890 to activate it or register it at mobile.orcon.net.nz to start the process of transferring your existing number over.

About Orcon Mobile

You sure can! We’ll post you a SIM card with all the details you need to transfer your number. It’s easy: just activate your SIM, register it in My Orcon Mobile, and complete the form to transfer your number.

Any unused data on your base mobile plan rolls over to the next month, for up to 12 months. Handy!

Purchased add-on data will always be consumed first, followed by rollover data, and then the data in your current month’s base plan.

You can purchase 1GB of additional data for $12 and 50 additional NZ and Australia calling minutes for $7 in My Orcon Mobile.

These add-ons do not roll over and will expire after 30 days if unused.

Our mobile plans are billed every 30 days, so slightly more frequent than monthly. Because your Orcon bill is sent monthly, you may occasionally get two bills on the same monthly statement – although this will be rare.

You can change your plan in My Orcon Mobile by choosing your preferred plan and selecting “Buy Plan.”

Note: if you choose to have your new plan take effect immediately, any unused allowances from the previous plan won’t be credited. Instead, you can opt to have the changes commence at the start of your next mobile billing period.

Global Roaming is enabled by default, you just need to purchase a roaming pack in My Orcon Mobile. For information on casual roaming rates, take a look at our mobile rates page.

Our casual rates for services such as MMS, directory assistance and international calls are available on our mobile rates page.

Head over to our handy help section.