Get there faster.

Fibre is our favourite way to connect to the internet. Whether it’s our entry-level 100Mbps plan or the madness of Gigantic (the fastest plan we can offer), there’s something to suit you.

Fibre 100
on a 12-mth contract

Our super speedy entry-level fibre plan.

Fibre 100
on a 24-mth contract

Our super speedy entry-level fibre plan with an Apple TV.
Get your stream on!

Gigantic Fibre
on a 12-mth contract

Get super-fast Wi-Fi on every device, in every room with Google Wifi.

These hardware offers are valid for a limited time only and are subject to change by Orcon without notice. Not valid with any other offers. Google Wifi (3-pack) rental promotion comes with a 12 or 24-month contract and a $250 early termination fee. Apple TV 32GB promotion comes with a 24-month contract and a $250 early termination fee. UE speaker promotion comes with a 24-month contract and a $199 early termination fee. Hardware will be shipped once an ASDL, VDSL, or Fibre connection is established. Modem rental is included. Modem shipping fee of $14.95 applies. Full terms and conditions at

Can I get fibre?
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About Orcon Fibre

Fibre is being rolled out to more than one million homes around New Zealand. Check your address above to see if you can get it.

Real fast. This is the fastest speed we can offer. It’s provided via our Gigabit network. So what will that mean in reality? If you do a wired speed test, you should see 700-900Mbps down, and 500Mbps up. This variance on speed will depend on the speed test server location and capacity. We recommend you use using an Ethernet cable, connecting via a gigabit port on your laptop or PC. If you download an Apple iOS update, it’s not going to come down at those speeds. But it will be fast, this is, after all, the fastest service we can provide. More than 50% of our network traffic is hosted in New Zealand, so your Netflix, updates, and some downloads will come from our network and be snappy as.

Please note, not all devices are capable of handling these speeds – so please check your device capabilities to see whether your computer can keep up, otherwise, the connection will get bottlenecked at your device.

Standard installs are currently free. Transfers from another fibre provider are also free (and are quick and easy!). Later Spark, later Vodafone. Any questions – just drop our fibre team a line on 0800 56 46 87.

Yes, but we’ll happily supply you one. And rental is free.

You sure can!

How long is a piece of fibre? Some fibre installs are simple and quick. Others – like apartments and houses down right of ways can take longer, but it’s still worth it! Just order today, and we’ll get cracking.

Log in to My Orcon or give the team a call on 0800 56 46 87 and they’ll run you through the options.