Orcon’s unlimited broadband is unlimited, truly

Tue 17 Dec 2013

Orcon has appealed a recent decision announced yesterday by the Advertising Standards Authority regarding a small technicality in Orcon’s advertising campaign. The internet company stands by its uncapped plans claiming that Kiwis can still ‘go for gold’ when it comes to data use.

Orcon CEO Greg McAlister says although it’s good the ASA is ensuring the industry is delivering what it promises, he wants to ensure Orcon customersthat the Orcon unlimited plans are truly that, unlimited.

“While we have had unnoticeably small traffic shaping on peer-to-peer downloads in the past, there are now no implemented restrictions whatsoever on our unlimited plans so on those grounds we have appealed the ASA’s decision,” says McAlister. “Last week we even scrapped our Fair Use policy, which we had never enforced anyway.”

“Orcon customers are free to go crazy and use as much data as they want. We have some customers using nine terabytes per month on our residential unlimited plans which shows just how unlimited they really are,” adds McAlister.

The marketing campaign which launched in October saw Orcon join forces with Kim Dotcom, one of New Zealand’s most prolific internet users, to smash New Zealand’s restrictive data caps and fight the plight of third world Internet in New Zealand. Since then, the company has seen the demand for their uncapped plans soar.