During all COVID19 Alert Levels, we continue to be able to get you connected and provide great quality service. Our team is home based and fully operational. The best way to get in touch is via email.


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Useful extras

Useful extras

Easily add enhanced features like Voicemail and Call Waiting to your Voiceline plan anytime for just $4 per month, and enjoy the benefits of a premium VoIP service with Orcon.

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Wi-Fi Pro, powered by Google, guaranteed by Orcon.

Wi-Fi coverage holes getting you down? Blanket your home or office in coverage with Wi-Fi Pro. Wi-Fi coverage in every room, guaranteed.*

Revolutionise the way you work, play and innovate with Hyperfibre.

With speeds up to 80x faster than our 100Mbps plan, Hyperfibre is a new era of speed.