Design your connection with our 100Mbps Fibre plan and we will automatically upgrade your speed to 300Mbps in the coming weeks.

Priority Support

VIP support for work or home. Whether you need support from our help desk or a technician on-site, you'll automatically jump the queue.

Orcon offers fast, award-winning support to every customer but we understand that for some, staying connected is more critical. That's why we've created Priority Support, for extra peace of mind for those who demand the best.

Life stops when your internet stops. We get it.

Life stops when your internet stops. We get it.

Connection is everything. That's why if things go wrong, Orcon's Priority Support means you jump the queue so you can get back to what's important, fast.

Let Orcon take care of everything

Jump the queue

Priority Support means you jump our phone and email queues so you can get back to what's important, fast.

Dedicated experts

Our tech team is addicted to the internet and all things technical. They're friendly experts based in New Zealand who understand your needs and what it takes to keep you connected.

Prioritised fault resolution

If a technician is required to fix a fault at your address, you'll jump the queue and have your callout prioritised.

Frequently asked questions
How are my calls and emails prioritised?

Your contact details will be recorded so that when you call or email, you will reach our priority support team and get help superfast.

How do I add numbers and email addresses to my Priority Support list?

You can log into My Orcon and update or add additional contacts that will be added to your Priority Support list.

Can I add Priority support after I sign up?

No, Priority Support will need to be added when you sign up with us.

Is there a minimum contract term?

No, there is no minimum term for Priority Support.

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