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Dream, design and relax in digital with Orcon's high-speed Fibre.

Fibre $89.95/mth
Average download 97.2Mbps or 318Mbps*
Fibre Pro $99.95/mth
Average download 869Mbps*
*Average Orcon Fibre plan (Fibre 100 or Fibre 300, depending on location) or Fibre Pro plan (Fibre Max) download/upload speeds with compatible modem at busy times (SamKnows December 2021 or Orcon November 2021). Experienced speeds may be higher or lower. Learn more
12 month term applies to all Fibre plans.
Life stops when your internet stops

Life stops when your internet stops

Superfast Fibre that gets you in the zone, and keeps you there.

Superfast Fibre that gets you in the zone, and keeps you there.

Choose Wi-Fi Pro for a guaranteed connection in every direction, 4G Backup to ensure you stay online if your wired connection drops or, bring your own modem if your setup is ready to go. Then choose your speed and let Orcon help you get in the zone. At either 100Mbps or up to 950Mbps with Fibre Pro, experience broadband your way.

Connection is everything
Choose how you connect to our high-speed fibre
Wi-Fi Pro

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Guaranteed by Orcon.
Terms apply

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Wi-Fi Pro

Strong Wi-Fi throughout your space. Guaranteed by Orcon, made possible by the magic of Google Nest Wifi. Learn more

Google Nest
4G Backup

When your internet stops, everything stops. Not anymore.

4G Backup

A superfast modem with inbuilt 4G Backup that keeps you online if your wired connection stops. Designed for those who need 24/7 connectivity. Learn more

4G Backup Device

Bring your own modem


The perfect choice if you already have your preferred modem. Get started today and get the power of high-speed fibre with Orcon.

Fibre ProUp to 950Mbps
12 month term applies to all Fibre plans
We mean business

We mean business

Whether you're a team of one or an agile SME, Orcon's superfast broadband offers customisable solutions that make you unstoppable.

Priority Support

Priority Support

VIP support for work or home. Whether you need support from our help desk or a technician on-site, you'll automatically jump the queue.

Frequently asked questions
How fast is your Fibre Pro plan?

Fibre Pro is provided via our Gigabit network. So what will that mean in reality? If you do a wired speed test, you should see 700-900Mbps down, and 500Mbps up. This variance on speed will depend on the speed test server location and capacity. We recommend you use using an Ethernet cable, connecting via a gigabit port on your laptop or PC. If you download an Apple iOS update, it’s not going to come down at those speeds. More than 50% of our network traffic is hosted in New Zealand, so your Netflix, updates, and some downloads will come from our network and be snappy as.

Please note, not all devices are capable of handling these speeds – so please check your device capabilities to see whether your computer can keep up, otherwise, the connection will get bottlenecked at your device.

Do I need a new modem?

You can choose to bring your current modem, or, we’ll happily supply you one. And monthly rental is free, just cover the $14.95 postage and handling fee.

How much do installs cost?

Standard installs are currently free. Transfers from another fibre provider are also free (and are quick and easy!). Any questions – just drop our fibre team a line on 0800 56 46 87.

I'm already an Orcon customer, how can I upgrade?

Log in to My Orcon or give the team a call on 0800 56 46 87 and they’ll run you through the options.

Where can I find your offer summaries?

You can find a full list of our offer summaries here

Looking for the ultimate connection?

Experience a new era of speed with Hyperfibre.

Hyperfibre, the fastest fibre technology in New Zealand

At up to 80x faster than our 100Mbps connection, Hyperfibre will revolutionise the way you work, play and innovate online. Hyperfibre is the digital future. What comes next is up to you.