Awesome internet.

Can’t get fibre? We’ve still got ya. We’ll hook you up with speedy VDSL, or ADSL if you can’t get VDSL at your place.

on a 12-mth contract

Our really awesome entry-level copper plan.

on a 24-mth contract

Our really awesome entry-level copper plan with a UE Boom 3. Get your tune on!

These hardware offers are valid for a limited time only and are subject to change by Orcon without notice. Not valid with any other offers and 24-month contract applies. Apple TV 32GB promotion comes with a 24-month contract and a $250 early termination fee. UE speaker promotion comes with a 24-month contract and a $250 early termination fee. Hardware will be shipped once an ASDL, VDSL, or Fibre connection is established. Modem rental is included. Modem shipping fee of $14.95 applies. Full terms and conditions at

Can I get VDSL?
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About Orcon Copper

Yes, we have contracts for most of our services. This is because there are set up costs and offers we need to cover, but for the most part these are included in the plan. A contract is what we consider a fair way of covering these costs.

There is minimal down time (generally a few hours at most) when we transfer services from one company to another. If you are having any issues by the end of your connection date, give us a call and we will be happy to help you get up and running.

If you are staying at the same address, yes you can. If you are moving address, it will depend if your phone number is in the same calling zone or not.

If you have an ISP-based email, we can’t take it over for you—it belongs to the ISP.

We think it is unfair that companies try to force customers to stay because of an email address. We would recommend that you set up a Gmail account (or any other free alternative that tickles your fancy) and get free from your old internet company once and for all.

If you upgrade speed, then yes, it will be faster. We recommend that you go on the fastest speed available. If you are staying on the same technology, then it will be roughly the same. We invest heavily in our network, so we would expect slight improvements if anything.