Network Status Updates

  • 29/04/16 09:00 AM Fibre Service disruption in Whangarei

    Some Fibre customers in Whangarei may have lost services overnight, and may require to reboot their modems to restore service.

  • 26/04/16 11:45 AM Auckland Authentication Issue (Resolved)

    **Update 11:55AM - This is now resolved, a modem reboot may be required to restore service** Some customers in Auckland are currently not able to Authenticate. This is been investigated by Engineers.

  • 19/04/16 11:52 AM Fibre Service disruption in Glenfield Auckland (Resolved)

    *Update 20/04 08:00AM - This should now be resolved.* Some Fibre customers in Glenfield and surrounds area’s may be experiencing a loss of service due to a Fibre cut. Field technicians are investigating.

  • 07/04/16 10:47 AM Kaiapoi and Rangiora MSAN Outages (Resolved)

    *Update 07/04 03:10PM - This should now be resolved.* Some customers in the Kaiapoi and Rangiora areas may be experiencing a loss of service due. Field technicians have been dispatched to investigate, with a estimated resolution time of late this afternoon.

  • 31/03/16 10:11 AM Increase in Phishing and Spoofing Emails

    We have noticed an increase in Phishing and Spoofing emails be received by our customers. We recommend that you don’t open any email attachments or click on any links from senders that you don’t know, and disregard emails from your own email address (spoofing).

  • 22/03/16 04:52 PM Whitianga MSAN Outage (Resolved)

    *Update 23/03 09:45AM - This should now be resolved.* Some customers in Whitianga have lost Phone and Internet connectivity. This has been escalated to our Engineers, no current ETR.

  • 17/03/16 09:47 AM Frankton MSAN Outage (Resolved)

    *Update 17/03 12:06PM - This should now be resolved.* Some customers in Frankton (Hamilton), Te Kuiti, Taumaranui and Otorohonga are currently experiencing an outage. Network Engineers are investigating. No ETA

  • 11/03/16 08:46 AM Email issue (Resolved)

    Orcon mail users may be unable to send and receive mail and are likely to encounter an error message stating “550 Relaying denied, possible IP forged” Engineers are currently investigating. *UPDATE* 9:15am 11/03/16. This should now be resolved. Currently under observation.

  • 10/03/16 09:12 AM Orcon BUBA No PPP (Resolved)

    Some Orcon BUBA subscribers lost PPP at 1:00am this morning. Root cause is being investigated by Engineers.