Network Status Updates

  • 10/10/16 11:37 AM Nationwide Degraded Phone Service (Resolved)

    Currently some customers may be experiencing Phone calling issues. Please reboot your Genius modem to restore normal phone service. Root cause is been investigated by our Engineers.

  • 10/10/16 11:13 AM Our Suppot number is currently not contactable (Resolved)

    ** Update 11:22AM - This is now resolved** Our main contact number, 0800 131415, is currently not reachable. This has been escalated to our Senior Engineers. We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your patience.

  • 07/10/16 10:00 AM Dropbox Email Notifications

    We have identified some customers that have had their Orcon email address listed as part of the recent Dropbox hack in August. We have notified the identified customers to advise them, including some tips on what to do.