Network Status Updates

  • 11/08/16 05:00 PM Fibre Cut in Massey Auckland (Resolved)

    ***This is now resolved*** Some customers in Massey may have lost phone and internet services due to a Fibre Cut in the area. This is been investigated by field technicians.

  • 21/07/16 09:47 AM Auckland Internet Connectivity (Resolved)

    Some customers in Auckland may have lost Internet connectivity overnight, please reboot your modem/router to restore service.

  • 31/03/16 10:11 AM Increase in Phishing and Spoofing Emails

    We have noticed an increase in Phishing and Spoofing emails be received by our customers. We recommend that you don’t open any email attachments or click on any links from senders that you don’t know, and disregard emails from your own email address (spoofing).