Network Status Updates

  • 27/07/15 03:24 PM Registration drop on SBC

    Some customers may be experiencing issues with calls dropping, such as calls dropping, can’t be called and can’t call issues. Services may require a reboot. If you are still experiencing issues after rebooting please contact our support desk.

  • 21/07/15 04:25 PM Authentication Issue Christchurch (Resolved)

    UPDATE - 21/07/15 - 17:43 Hrs - Issue is resolved (under observation).

  • 16/07/15 01:45 PM [Resolved] KWHC and iServe - Emails and Websites slow to load or timeout from Spark network

    9:30am 17.07.2015 - [Resolved] Under Observation The Kiwi Web Hosting Company and iServe customers may be experiencing speed and request time out issues when accessing our platform from the Spark network. Our Engineers are currently investigating this issue but we recommend also raising this with your Internet Service Provider as we suspect the issue to be on their side.

  • 16/07/15 09:08 AM Hamilton UFF UFB and UBA DSL NO Data (Resolved)

    **Resolved as of 15:30 16/07/15 - Service should now be restored. Some customers may need to reboot their modems or routers for changes to take effect. ***************************************************************** Network engineers are investigating. Currently No ETA.

  • 13/07/15 10:35 AM Popup with 2015 Orcon Internet Ltd Survey - **SCAM**

    Please close and do not supply any personal information as this is a SCAM.

  • 07/07/15 05:20 PM Intermittent Web Browsing - International (Wellington and South Island) (Resolved)

    Update: This should now be resolved and under observation as of 12:30pm 08/07/2015. Some users may need to reboot their modems to restore service. Customers in the Wellington region and the South Island may intermittently experience web browsing issues with international sites. This is currently under investigation and there is no known ETA for resolution at this time.

  • 16/06/15 07:14 AM Customers in Tauranga, Palmerston North, Napier and Auckland area may need to reboot their router

    Due to an upgrade this morning some customers in the Tauranga, Palmerston North, Napier and Auckland area may need to reboot their router to get back online – this is as simple as turning your router on and off.  We apologise for the inconvenience”

  • 09/06/15 10:19 AM Broadband No PPP in Auckland and Christchurch area

    21:00 09/06/15 - Impacted Auckland Customers were re-routed via an alternate Handover link. Migration completed at 9:00PM which should now restore service. Some customers may need to reboot their routers to regain service. 16:00 09/06/15 - Christchurch Fibre No Auth was resolved at approx. 10:00am today. 11:15am 09/06/15 - Root cause has been identified. Field Technician has been dispatched to site to investigate and resolve. 11:00am 09/06/15 - The Issue has been escalated with our Carrier Chorus to investigate. NO ETR. 10:00am 09/06/15- Still receiving reports of EUBA customers with no PPP in Auckland and Christchurch Engineers are continuing to investigate, no ETR at this stage.

  • 27/05/15 09:41 AM Webmail login error

    Orcon webmail is currently presenting an error when users attempt to log in. Engineers are investigating this issue.

  • 30/04/15 08:30 AM **Resolved**Hamilton Broadband Outage (Resolved)

    **2015-04-30 12:40PM Resolved - Under Observation -  Issue has been Resolved which was impacting some Orcon Data circuits - DSL, UFB, HSNS. Some customers may need to reboot their routers to regain service.** Update 11am - We are receiving reports of a large number of connections in Dunedin that are also experiencing a loss of service. Please ensure that your router has been restarted as this may bring the service back up. We are currently experiencing an outage in the Hamilton region effecting ADSL, VDSL and UFB. Our engineers are currently investigating. Further updates will be provided when made available.