Network status updates

31/03/15 9:02 am **Resolved**Hamilton UBA No Auth and No Data Issue


**2015-03-31 09:30 Resolved : Under-observation. Customer Router reboot may be required to regain service.**
Some UBA DSL Customers in Hamilton may be experiencing No Authentication or No Data throughput Issues.
Engineers are investigating. NO ETA.

21/02/15 6:02 pm Increase in phishing and fake "from Orcon" email activity

We are seeing an increase in fake and “phishing” emails targeting Orcon customers.

These emails contain a variety of links, login requests, surveys etc. We would like to emphasise that no genuine Orcon email will request you to login to confirm login details or validate your account etc.

Currently one is being used that refers to a change in our webmail clients requiring users to re-authenticate on a website. This is fake and users should NOT enter their login details on any 3rd party website.

Users can safely login to their “My Orcon” page but should never use their My Orcon login details on any other website. These emails should be ignored and deleted.

17/02/15 10:41 am No current major outages on Orcon's Network

Please report any individual issues through normal channels.

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