FAQ: Is my IP address Static or Dynamic?

All of our residential broadband connections are assigned with dynamic IP addresses. We do this so we can make efficient use of the IP addresses that we have available.

So what does this mean for you? In a nutshell it means that you could be assigned a new IP address at any time.

The way our network and systems are structured mean we don't change people's IP addresses often, but please be aware that they can change without notice.


Static IP addresses are available to our residential and business customers as an add on. 

  • Current customers: please log in to My Orcon (opens in a new window), and select Modify Plan, and choose Static IP as an add on under Change Plan Features.
  • New customers: please select Static IP as and add on in the signup process, or ask the sales agent if you choose to call.


(Dynamic IP addressing can assign a different IP address each time a customer logs on to their computer, or it can assign a new IP address as the ISP deems it necessary. Static IP addressing on the otherhand maintains the same IP address for a customer, and is used for mail servers and other applications).


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