FAQ: How do I update the username and password in my modem?

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Please note these instructions do not apply to Orcon Genius customers

If you have changed your Orcon password, conducted a factory reset of your modem or if you have a new modem, you'll need to log into the modem and re-enter your username and password details.

If you're looking for instructions regarding the password for your Wireless Network, click here.

If your modem is not listed below then you'll need to refer to the modem's manufacturer. Tip: manufacturers usually provide manuals, FAQs and instructions on their own websites.

Please click on your modem model for instructions:

This does not change the password for your wireless network. To find out how to change your network password, please consult your modem installation guide, available here

 Please note: the username format is username@orcon.net.nz


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