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FAQ: How do I factory reset my modem?

If you are unable to log into your Modem via the IP address, a factory reset can change the password back to the default.

A factory reset changes all the settings in your modem back to the way they were straight from the factory.

If you're having connection problems, this eliminates the possibility that there are settings which are preventing the modem from making a connection, or that the modem has simply encountered a quirk which needs to be ironed out

Please note that this resets ALL modem settings – this includes your wireless network settings (name & password), or any special settings such as port forwarding. Please take note of these so you can re-enter them once the reset has been completed.

If you need to download a copy of your modem installation guide to set up your again after it has been reset, do so now. Click here

Hard Reset to Factory Defaults

  1. Any other devices, including your computer, that are connected to the modem
  2. Find the ‘reset’ button – this is usually a button on the back or bottom of the modem that requires you to use a ballpoint pen or a small pin to activate. Press and hold this button for 10 seconds or until the lights turn off and/or flash simultaneously
  3. Wait a minute or two for the modem to start itself again.
  4. Plug your computer back into the modem over the Ethernet cable. You should now be able to log into the modem using the default password (usually 'admin') and enter your Orcon Broadband username and password as per the instructions in your modem installation guide. Instructions for re-entering username and password details for some modems are here.
  5. Orcon Genius Customers: your modem will take ten or so minutes to download its settings from our servers before it's able to set itself up again

NOTE: If you have a Wireless connection set up on your Modem you will have to set it up again and enter a new Security Key/Wireless Password since the reset would have wiped any saved settings on the Modem.


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