Meet the Google Nest Wifi router
Easy to set up, easy to manage


Whether you are looking for the latest addition for your smart home system or just want a reliable connection in every room, the Google Nest WiFi router has you covered. This powerful device offers excellent coverage across most Kiwi homes (up to 200sqm).

For larger or multistory homes, rent up to 2 Google Wifi points for $5pm each.

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Google Nest wifi

The Google Nest Wifi router

Easily set up Nest Wifi in minutes and manage it in the Google Home app from Google Play or the App Store. Once you’re up and running, automatic updates will give you new features and help keep your network secure.

Create a guest network and share your password in just a few taps. Decide which devices to prioritise for faster speeds, and run speed tests to make sure your network is optimised.

Family Wi-Fi lets you set schedules to manage screen time, restrict certain kinds of content, and pause Wi-Fi to specific devices whenever you want. 



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Wi-Fi points

The Google Nest Wifi mesh system is scalable. Simply add Wifi points to extend coverage across larger homes, to the garage, sleepout, attic, or anywhere else! Each point offers up to 135sqm of additional coverage. Choose to rent 1 or 2 Google Wifi points for $5 per month each.


The full Google Wifi spec sheet is available to view here.

Fibre 100
on a 12-month contract

Rent a Google Wifi point for $5/month for super-fast Wi-Fi in every room.

Gigantic fibre
on a 12-month contract

Rent a Google Wifi point for $5/month for super-fast Wi-Fi in every room.

About Google Wifi

For most Kiwi homes, the Google Nest Wifi router will offer you a reliable connection on multiple devices throughout your home. For homes larger that 200sqm. or for those wanting to get online when in the garage or sleep out, we suggest renting 1 to 2 Wifi points which offer up to 135sqm of additional coverage each.

Google Wifi is an expensive bit of kit, so we've put together an affordable rental option. In the unlikely event that you no longer require Google Wifi or decide to leave Orcon, you'll need to return the Google Wifi units to us (we'll supply a courier bag upon request).

Google Wifi rental is available to existing customers on a 12-month broadband contract. You can add Google Wifi to your account anytime through My Orcon.

Check out this help article to learn more about Google Nest Wifi.

Check out this help article for more on the router