Get awesome in every room

Google Wifi creates a mesh network of individual Wi-Fi points that work together to spread a strong Wi-Fi signal, so everyone can stream, share and download.

Get Google Wifi rental on us on our super-fast Gigantic plan on a 24-month contract or add a Google Wifi rental to any new Orcon internet plan for just $15 per month.


Simply plug in the Google Wifi units and they will create a mesh Wi-Fi network, providing seamless coverage throughout your home.


Google Wifi is awesome

  • Enjoy a fast Wi-Fi signal in every room, on every device.
  • Reduces the Wi-Fi speed bottleneck created when multiple devices connect to a single Wi-Fi access point.
  • Helps solve Wi-Fi coverage issues commonly found in large New Zealand homes.
  • Seamlessly transition between access points with Google Wifi's mesh technology.
  • Connects you to the fastest and least congested access point.    
  • Utilises the fastest Wi-Fi frequency for your devices.

Easy setup

Grab the Google Wifi app from Google Play or the App Store for super easy setup, or check out this awesome guide from Google to get up and running - it's the simplest setup we have ever seen.

Speed Graph

Gigantic Wi-Fi

Our Gigantic plan is perfect for anyone wanting super-fast speeds. With download speeds of up to 900Mbps and unlimited data, you can game and stream to your heart's content!

Gigantic Fibre
With Google Wifi rental on us on a 24 month contract.

The fastest home fibre broadband available with massive capacity. Watch, listen, play, post, work, and chat on multiple devices all at the same time.


What's under the hood?

The full Google Wifi spec sheet is available to view here.


Family Wi-Fi

Google Wifi comes with a bunch of great features to help you stay on top of your kids’ (or flatmates, or pets) screen time. Find out more about these features here.

About Google Wifi

We offer free rental of Google Wifi (3-pack) on all new Gigantic Fibre plans on a 24-month term. You can get Google Wifi (3-pack) for a $15 per month rental on any other broadband plan.

The average New Zealand home can range from 100sq. m (1100sq. ft) to 400sq. m (4300sq. ft) so the 3-pack of Google Wi-Fi devices should suit most average-sized homes.

In the unlikely event that you decide to leave Orcon, you'll need to return the Google Wifi (3-pack) to us - a $400.00 fee applies if the units aren't returned.

We offer free rental of Google Wifi (3-pack) on all new Gigantic Fibre plans on a 24-month term and a $15.00 per month rental on any other broadband plan.

There is no additional postage and handling fee for Google Wifi.

We have a deal for existing customers, $200 off Google Wi-Fi (3 pack), $399.00 incl GST (Recommended Retail Price is $599.00)

NB: This is an outright purchase of Google Wifi so you will own the product.

  1. Your account will need to be in credit by $399.
  2. Head to My Orcon and make a $399 payment.
  3. Call our team on 0800 56 46 87 and ask one of our team to submit an order for you. NB: A courier delivery fee of $14.95 (incl GST) will apply.

Check out this help article to learn more about Google Wifi.