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    • 12 month fixed term
    • Fibre installation fee applies
    • Early termination requires you to pay the total cost of the service for the remainder of the contract period

    Single tenant addresses only (business parks, units, and buildings with shared tenancies differ)

If you have complex data or networking requirements, then please contact our team and they will be happy to help.

  1. Advanced Business Fibre

    • 30Mbps and 100Mbps speeds available
    • Higher guaranteed speeds than residential plans
    • Unlimited national data usage
    • International bandwidth policies and international data caps
    • Additional voice lines, DDI ranges customisable (we can build the solutions you need)
    • Static IP included
    • Business toll calling rates
    • Business-grade service and support
    • Business router
  2. Education Fibre

    • Special products exist for schools under the UFB programme.

Any reference to speed refers to the maximum possible connection speed. It’s the maximum your connection can go, a bit like a Ferrari’s maximum speed. Occasionally you will be stuck in traffic. So, your actual speed will vary, depending on conditions. Like a Ferrari. For more information about factors that can affect your speed click here.

We’re giving free UFB fibre from the date we connect you until 2013!

Free fibre means the cost of the minimum ‘base plan’, being $129+GST, every month until the 1st of January 2013.

Please be aware that the rollout of UFB is one of the largest infrastructure projects that this country has undertaken, and - hey, we are realists - some things may not go exactly to plan and on schedule. We’ll of course be keeping a close eye on what’s happening, and keep you updated via email. But please bear with us in the meantime, until we can guarantee your connection date.

A contract is necessary to cover the cost of providing this service. You’ll be liable for the cost of the base plan until 1 January 2014 should you leave Orcon or move house


Fibre cabling is built specifically for the internet. It’s purpose built to perform. With fibre you’re less likely to get the types of slow speeds, dropouts and what we call ‘noise related faults’ that can occur with old copper wiring.

Quite simply, fibre optic cabling is the fastest and more reliable way to transfer data – and it’s what you’ll have running into your home or business with Orcon fibre. Pretty good in our books.

High Upload Speed

Fibre comes with an upload speed either 10x or 50x what you’re used to (depending on which plan you choose). Why is this important? It will make video calling (on services like Skype) clearer for those you talk to, but it will also speed up the way you use the web. Sending large files will take seconds where they currently take minutes. Any application that requires uploading data to the internet will run a lot faster.

In a nutshell, you’ll get away from the hugely limited upload speeds we’ve all had to put up with via traditional ADSL broadband.

Faster Download Speed

Fibre optic broadband means higher speeds, bringing you the best business services and applications – well, faster. You’ll be able to harness the power of teleconferencing, improved WAN connectivity, and cloud computing. By converting your business to fibre, you’ll be ready to take advantage of all the tools the internet throws up - the sort of tools your competitors are thinking about.

With options to have speeds of up to 100MB/s you’ll have access to internet capability that was previously unaffordable for SMEs.