Wed 7 Mar 2012

The new era of ultra-fast broadband (UFB) now becomes a reality for New Zealanders across the country, as Orcon today announces its fibre pricing plans.

The nation’s fibre future takes a major step forward as Kiwi consumers in the first UFB-enabled centres of Auckland, Wellington, Whangarei, Rotorua, Palmerston North and Blenheim can start to sign up for fibre through Orcon.

Fibre will continue to be rolled out to three-quarters of New Zealand households and businesses over the next eight years, as part of the government’s $1.5bn UFB initiative, and will form the backbone of the country’s communications network.

Orcon CEO Scott Bartlett says today’s announcement signals the start of the realisation of the company’s vision for a fibre-powered New Zealand.

“Orcon is determined to lead the way in bringing all the benefits of fibre to the nation while ensuring our customers can afford to make the most of UFB. Today’s announcement highlights just how affordable it can be.”

Orcon is offering fibre plans that are on a par with the company’s current pricing levels, starting at $75 a month for households and $169 for business connections . A wide range of data plans are available, including a 1,000Gb plan which starts at just $199 for residential users.

Customers already using the Orcon Genius, New Zealand’s first ever mass market, fibre-ready VOIP  phone and wireless modem, will see no change to their monthly bill, while some of Orcon’s new business fibre plans are actually lower than current charges.

“The nationwide rollout of fibre in New Zealand is one of the most important investments this country has ever seen – it is going to completely change the way we do business and the way we live our lives,” Bartlett says.

Kiwi businesses will be better armed to compete in the global economy. The applications and services that high speed broadband enables are profound. Cloud computing, teleconferencing, telecommuting and much more all become a reality. This will lead to improved productivity, access to new markets, lower costs and higher GDP.

“A fibred-up business community in New Zealand will transform our economy.”

The way we consume media is also changing, Bartlett says.

“In the US and UK, it’s estimated up to a third of internet traffic is through users accessing online video and entertainment services. Fibre ensures these services can be enjoyed without delays or interruptions.

“And imagine the possibilities for education and health care,” Bartlett adds. “Applications such as remote teaching, online medical care and remote patient monitoring become an effective reality.”

Bartlett says with speeds of up to 100 times faster than traditional copper lines, the opportunities fibre offers are vast.

“Current broadband speeds just aren’t enabling our people,” Bartlett says. “This prevents us exploring the full potential and power of the internet.

“Fibre is fast, it’s reliable and it’s purpose-built for the future. It will radically change how we work and play.”

Residential pricing plans

For just $75 a month Orcon customers receive 30GB of ultra-fast broadband and standard rates on all national calls – or 5GB of ultra-fast broadband plus unlimited national landline calls.

Voicemail, Call Waiting and Caller ID are provided free of charge, and VoIP calls do not count towards data caps.

(For customers already using the fibre-ready Orcon Genius, switching over to fibre is simple. As soon as they receive notification that fibre is available in their street, they can simply call Orcon to request connection.)

There are two options available for residential customers (incl. GST):

Fast: 30Mbps down / 10Mbps up
$75 – 30GB cap
$89 – 60GB cap
$99 – 100GB cap
$199 – 1,000GB cap

Super-Fast: 100Mbps down / 50Mbps up
$110 – 30GB cap
$124 – 60GB cap
$134 – 100GB cap
$234 – 1,000GB cap

Note: services will be provided via Orcon Genius hardware – hardware rental fees apply on some contract terms. Overage is $2 per Gb.

Business pricing plans

Business fibre pricing plans start at $169+GST (30Mbps/10Mbps/5Mbps/5Mbps) or $199+GST (100Mbps/50Mbps/10Mbps/2.5Mbps) for a basic business package including 30GB of data per month and two built-in VoIP phone lines.

From there businesses can add on data and services – there’s even a 1,000GB data option for an additional $250+GST per month, meaning there’s enough flexibility to meet every business’s needs.

For more information about Orcon’s residential and business plans, visit