About Orcon




Like many start-up success stories, Orcon was launched in a garage but quickly grew from there.


There’s been a stack of innovations and firsts over the years – and it’s this innovation that has fuelled Orcon – whether it’s being the first to unbundle the local loop (and bring true competition and choice into the market), super easy-to-use VoIP with Orcon Genius, or being first to launch ultra fast broadband.

We want to offer Kiwis the best broadband possible – and innovation is the way we drive this.

Why Orcon?

Orcon’s network is awesome.

Our network is optimised for fibre. That means plenty of bandwidth, capacity, smart caching technology, and low lag. We love fast fibre, and that’s why we wouldn’t dream of throttling, traffic managing or doing anything to slow you down.

All unlimited.

We have scrapped data caps. They just don’t make sense in a world of fibre and 4K Netflix.



Self service & online support

Our team are here to help.

Account queries are managed via email which makes things easy and super-fast. You can do what you need to do via our app or web portal. Whether it’s changing plan, moving address, paying a bill, or any of that other stuff that you can’t be bothered talking to a human about. Life’s too short to sit on hold.



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