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  4G Backup

When your internet stops, everything stops. Not anymore.

4G Backup

A superfast modem with inbuilt 4G Backup means that if your wired connection stops - you’ll stay online.

For when connection is everything.

For when connection is everything.

Whether it's EFTPOS in your store, online trading, gaming, streaming or working on that big presentation, sometimes you just can't afford to lose your internet connection. 4G Backup is driven by an innovative modem with a built-in mobile SIM that seamlessly kicks in if your Fibre connection stops, keeping you online until it's restored.

Stay connected

4G Backup kicks in if your broadband goes down and works wherever 3G or 4G coverage is available and power is connected. Get 1GB of 4G Backup data per month, with up to 12GB of rollover data. Easily purchase more data through our mobile portal when you need it.

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We mean business

We mean business

Whether you're a team of one or an agile SME, Orcon's superfast broadband offers customisable solutions that make you unstoppable.

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Priority Support

VIP support for work or home. Whether you need support from our help desk or a technician on-site, you'll automatically jump the queue.

Frequently asked questions
Will 4G Backup work at my address?

4G Backup works wherever 4G (or 3G if 4G is unavailable) coverage is available. Check out the coverage map here.

How much 4G Backup data is included?

4G Backup comes with 1GB of 4G backup data per month. This will roll over to the next month for up to 12 months so you can accumulate up to 12GB of backup data.

How do I add data?

Additional data can be purchased through our mobile portal.

Will 4G Backup work during a power outage?

No, 4G Backup is provided via a modem with an inbuilt sim. The sim keeps you online during a broadband outage but the modem requires a power supply to keep you connected so wont work in the event of a power outage.

Where can I find your offer summaries?

You can find a full list of our offer summaries here

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