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Faster Downloads

Faster downloads mean better streaming video, snappy Skyping, and an all-round great online experience. HD content is just a web click away.


Faster Uploads

New technologies massively ramp up upload speeds. Big photo and video uploads are painless, leaving you more time to download cat pictures.


More Users, More Devices

The average NZ home now has nearly a dozen web-enabled devices. Faster broadband makes sure that they all work well, no matter how many devices are sharing the connection.

Over government's snazzy $1.5bn fibre network (called Ultra Fast Broadband, or UFB). These installs are normally free (sweet!), but they take a few hours (it's totally worth it). Find out more here.

Faster UFB is awesome. It sends data over glass fibre using light - prety rad - and is, quite simply, the best way to connect to the web. Fibre is the faster way to transfer data (it's the speed of light!), and the fibre network is future proofed for upcoming technologies.

The UFB network has been purpose built to move large amounts of data, quickly. It's solid and reliable, and the way most Kiwis will be connecting to the internet in the future.

Depending on the speed you select (there are two different flavours), you can expect up to 100Mbps download, and 50 Mbps upload, with a 200Mbps plan coming soon to certain areas.

(These speeds are based on theoretical maximums and actual speeds will be affected by various factors)

VDSL runs over your current copper lines, and boosts your download speeds up to 70 Mbps, and upload speeds up to 10 Mbps. That's way faster.

If you demand great speeds, but can't get UFB, then VDSL is the technology for you.

Because VDSL runs over copper lines, installs are much quicker than for UFB. We send a chap out to install a new DSL jack-point in your house, check that it’s all working, and you'll be away running within four hours.

VDSL technology is available to around 65% of Kiwi homes, and around 85% of homes in metropolitan areas.

Find out if you can get either UFB or VDSL by entering your address here.

(These speeds are based on theoretical maximums and actual speeds will be affected by various factors)